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  1. Keselowski2

    Scene searching

    hey everyone been doing my own renders lately and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some good scenes for LMPV2 and CWS15. if it helps I use max 2016 and 2019
  2. Keselowski2

    Throwback United Racing Network Hunt Brothers Pizza X Series and Warner Cup Series Season 2

    Hi Everyone, For those that don't already know my name is Jonny Gardner owner and founder of TURN. Throwback United Racing Network our long name, so anyway this is my first full season of running multiple divisions for TURN. We started back in October of 2017 as the Throwback Racing League, our...
  3. Keselowski2

    Evergreen Night 2018/2019

    Hi everyone! So a few of my friends and I have come together for an updated Evergreen Speedway Night track that is modified from the John Franklin version and yes he gave his permission as seen here! Once it’s ready for pictures we shall take screenshots. Thanks! Jonny