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  1. Niallo.83

    Matt DiBenedetto 2020 Concept

    I think procore is tied to LFR, but this would be awesome!
  2. Niallo.83

    Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - The South Point 400

    Stage 1: Clint Bowyer Stage 2: Joey Logano Winner: Brad Keselowski Bonus: Kurt Busch
  3. Niallo.83

    My showroom thingy.

    Thinking about trying to make last nights truck winner’s Xfinity Indy car he drove to 9th at Indy.
  4. Niallo.83

    My showroom thingy.

    Wish @JayDubya3 a happy birthday!
  5. Niallo.83

    Thunder98's Showroom Mk.II

    Welcome back to the Truck business Jack! Thanks again!
  6. Niallo.83

    Anyone buying NH4?

    Is anyone getting NH4? I have no plans to. Seems fun, but NR2003 has always been my passion for NASCAR gaming. I don’t really like Video Games anymore like the PS4, tbh.
  7. Niallo.83

    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!
  8. Niallo.83

    My showroom thingy.

    Making Chase Elliott’s Las Vegas 2 car either today or tomorrow.
  9. Niallo.83 logo

    That works, thanks!
  10. Niallo.83 logo

    Made it myself, cropped out of the image used above. (use it if ya want)
  11. Niallo.83

    My showroom thingy.

    Now my most downloaded resource, and it’s cool it’s on the NR2k3 site. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it some of ya’ll like my content.
  12. Niallo.83 logo

    Well, I do have a SRD account, but it doesn’t work for me. I am planning on cropping it from this tho.
  13. Niallo.83 logo

    I can crop one when I get on my pc.
  14. Niallo.83 logo

    Thanks but not trying to be rude, but that’s not what I’m looking for, I am looking for this.
  15. Niallo.83 logo

    Does anyone have a png of the logo? I can really use it.
  16. Niallo.83

    Have any of you run races longer than 25%, and if so, how did it go?

    I did at least 1 at Kentucky with the CWS15 2019 Trucks with Tyler Ankrum at 50%, managed to win the pole, dominate, and win the race.
  17. Niallo.83

    S&G has closed the website
  18. Niallo.83

    S&G has closed the website

    Sad, but then again, the owner has a life. Life is more important then pixels in a game. I hope at least some of ya’ll who are logical realize that. I am disappointed, but sometimes, we have to deal with it. It’s already amazing how people kept this 16 year old game up. Let’s all appreciate what...
  19. Niallo.83

    My showroom thingy.

    Meh, the base I was probably going to use isn’t exact anyways.
  20. Niallo.83

    My showroom thingy.

    Nvm, Canadienhits made one, oh well.