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  1. Rollo75

    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    Awwww, yiss! :D I always thought that Dale's Wrangler cars looked better than in black. Also, Nelson Stacy tamed the Lady In Black in 1961, in the Southern 500. It gets strange when you have loads of things to draw from.
  2. Rollo75

    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    Absolutely. For want of a better name, Team Yellow, in universe.
  3. Rollo75

    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    The four of these look really sinister together.
  4. Rollo75

    Hendrick Motorsports #52

    Some derivation of Micro FLF with rounded serifs on the 2?
  5. Rollo75

    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    Time to start the port of these to the MENCS 19 mod.
  6. Rollo75

    What You Listening To?

    She's from Birmingham (Bam-ba-Lam) Does that mean that she's an Aston Villa fan, walks around with a six pack of John Smith's and the form guide, while asking someone for a tab? Oh... different Birmingham, damn (Bam-ba-Lam)
  7. Rollo75

    The Racer League

    Not to spoil this but John Jackson on the lap 8 caution back to the line - slingshot off of 4 and then made up 9 positions at once.
  8. Rollo75

    Scott's Garage 4.2.4 Traffic Lane Widths Current Australian and New Zealand practice is to provide standard traffic lane widths of 3.5 m. - Ausroads, Guide to...
  9. Rollo75

    Vincent's Paint Schemes

    Oh that pace car is so very grody. It's hideous. I love it. That captures the spirit of the 1980s perfectly.
  10. Rollo75

    Sim Racing Hot Lapping: Driver's Choice!

    That is what it legitimately looked like.
  11. Rollo75

    S&G has closed the website

    You people are saints! There aren't enough skippy badges to hand out today. YAY!
  12. Rollo75

    S&G has closed the website

    LINK PLEASE :D (don't panic, don't panic Mr Mainwaring)
  13. Rollo75

    S&G has closed the website

    That immediately means that the MENCS 2019 mod plus templates has disappeared from public download.
  14. Rollo75

    Happy Birthday, Jebrown

    Hurrah from tomorrow. I hope yesterday involved a lamb roast and an afternoon in the sun, for you.
  15. Rollo75


    Gen-7 to be built by Dallara as a spec chassis. That's a lot of fabricators' jobs going. BOO.
  16. Rollo75

    a Mod, a Track, a Thing I wish I had in NR2003

    3-a Thing: Make NR2003 work on Windows 10 Um... I am running NR2003 on Win 10... que?
  17. Rollo75

    a Mod, a Track, a Thing I wish I had in NR2003

    Literally announced yesterday for iRacing. Maybe someone can reverse engineer it?
  18. Rollo75

    The Inter-Continental Racing League

    That is almost entirely dependent on whether the officials think that the car has rotated enough. If you're going to slam into objects like that though, you're gonna have a bad time.
  19. Rollo75

    Pit Stop Times Not Accurate

    I have a very very cheap fix for this... Lower your expectations! :D Accept the fact that your pit crew is a bunch of gumbies and learn to get angry at them. There is a good reason why Happy Harvick has a big smiley face as a lollipop over his pit bay.
  20. Rollo75

    Pit Stop Times Not Accurate

    That might have been accurate for 2003. NASCAR teams have been said to employ college athletes; specifically football players, to dive over the wall with tyres, just to gain an advantage.