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  • Member of the Month for May.......Bamaracing
  1. Rollo75

    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    Given that the Toyopet Crown only had a 1.9L engine, I think that gives me licence for a Toyopet Kamuri of 1960. Martinrace's templates for the GNS 55 mod is a joy to behold.
  2. Rollo75

    ( NEW) Incongruous and Disconnected Thoughts V2.0

    Sometimes you just remember a moment of genuine warmth and kindness forever. Prost had just lost the championship by 0.5 of a point. At the beginning of the season Prost and Lauda weren't exactly on speaking terms. By the end, Lauda was mentoring Prost.
  3. Rollo75

    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    The Goof 20X0... I've started early on the planning.
  4. Rollo75

    Any way to recover deleted replays?

    Replays are .rpy files in path..../NR2003/replay. Have you tried using something like Recuva? If the recovery programs I used did not find the files, then are they actually good enough to do any undelete at all?
  5. Rollo75

    Unpopular Opinions

    That's the guy who the spy was named after :D “When I wrote the first one, in 1953, I wanted Bond to be an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened; I wanted him to be the blunt instrument. One of the bibles of my...
  6. Rollo75

    Different Models in a Mod

    There obviously are different models within a mod; but seeing as we have entirely disparate things, would it be possible to assign say a GN55 car and a MENCS 2019 to the different slots and put them in one series? Does the graphics engine chuck an angry?
  7. Rollo75

    Have any of you run races longer than 25%, and if so, how did it go?

    "First rule of sim racing. You don't go out to win on lap one." - Jimmy Broadbent 50%, 2x pit frequency. How does it go? It means you sit behind someone for extended periods of time and plan the run. Except if you want to run a figure 8 and set the thing up for maximum carnage; which is also fun.
  8. Rollo75

    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    "Whiskey is a pleasant tasting, thirst quenching drink and it's enjoyed by all." - Look Around You, Water
  9. Rollo75

    Rogue's Showroom

    Was the FGX Falcon the first in that family, in October '14?
  10. Rollo75

    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    I think that that looks pretty convincing as an Holden Monaro HG. I'm still not happy with it yet.
  11. Rollo75

    Unpopular Opinions

    When I say 'ornith' you say 'ologist'. ornith-ologist ornith-ologist
  12. Rollo75

    The Racer League Showroom

    WIN How is this not the best showroom in the history of ever? I love this so very very much. Also, I love how for a 57 car, we have both arrived at a similar design place. It is almost as though, it is an unwritten law of the universe.
  13. Rollo75

    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    Going four wide at 240mph? What could possibly go wrong? :D Ahhh, that's not gone well
  14. Rollo75

    Busch font

    Calisto MT, Columna and Elan have similarities.
  15. Rollo75

    Can't decide for Career Mode...

    With a game like TOCA Race Driver, you floated from series to series and the offers that you'd get would be in accordance with how well you did. If you're doing this on an ad-hoc basis, you might not need the various seasons until you get there. Whatever your internal narrative is, it might be...
  16. Rollo75

    a Mod, a Track, a Thing I wish I had in NR2003

    I think that this exceeds the technical limits of the underlying graphics. I don't know what's actually inside the program but it spits out MIP and TGA files readily. MIP are stacked but I don't think that they can be used like slow GIFs, which is what it would take, I think.
  17. Rollo75

    Scott's Garage

    The bus stop is gone. Awwwwww. Papy Nascar 1 had Watkins Glen; which I found a neat way to spin the car to the right, have the rear left quarter panel smack the fence, and then be pointing back forwards again.
  18. Rollo75

    What You Listening To?

    Car talk is a production of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, and WBUR in Boston. And even though Kim Jong Un fires another missile at the WBUR studios whenever we say it - This is NPR.
  19. Rollo75

    How to find pictures of 1950 to 1979 Car Pictures?

    - Program guides for big events. - Year Books. - Magazine racks. - Old copies of Motorsport, Auto Action, Circle Track, Autosport... TO THE LIBRARY, HO!
  20. Rollo75

    2019 2048 PWF CTS Templates

    If I was Grand Poobah and Lord High Everything Else, then I'd have big Porsche 962 end fins on the trucks with the wee ickle spoiler still between.