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  • Member of the Month for May.......Bamaracing
  1. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS Bobby LaBonte 2000 Championship Interstate Batteries 2019-05-17

    Hi Everyone! Here's another break project, my next in the series of JGR championship cars...Bobby LaBonte's 2000 pontiac done on a camaro. Credits: SNG MENCS 19 mod and template, awesome renders Garrett1127, base me, numbers so ancient I don't remember where I got them, images and logos...
  2. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS JGR #18 Bobby Labonte 2000 Championship Camaro

    Thanks Tom! They look awesome...
  3. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS JGR #18 Bobby Labonte 2000 Championship Camaro

    Hi Tom! Working with the 19 mod sure is focus draining...Got the AFC cars done and decided to take a break, so here's my break project...Continuing in my series of JGR Championship cars, here's Bobby's from 2000 on a Camaro. As close as I could get from the two pictures I found....What I would...
  4. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS Champion Spark Plugs Logo 2019-05-16

    Here's the Champion Spark Plugs B Pillar logo I did for the Bobby Labonte 2000 Championship car I am working on...Credits: Google images for source materials and font information. Enjoy! White Eagle
  5. Eric Hostetler

    New York Jets from WEDS 2019-04-06

    Hi Everyone! After much tearing of hair and frustration here is my attempt at the Jets new logo. Creamer sourcing for letter shapes, football from me. It's as close as I could get from the tiny logo that's on the Jets page...Layered PSD...Simply discard bottom layer and use...I put a...
  6. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS Fel Pro Performance Gaskets NASCAR JGR Decal 2019-04-04

    Hi Everyone! Here's another logo I made from google image sourcing for an upcoming project. The bottom layer is just for contrast, to be discarded upon use... Enjoy! White Eagle
  7. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS Akzo Nobel Sikkens 2019-04-03

    Hi Everyone! Here's an Akzo Nobel Sikkens logo I did for an upcoming project. Credits: Google image for sourcing Enjoy! White Eagle
  8. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS CWS 15 base layers 2019-04-02

    Hi Everyone! Here is the base scheme I designed for my CWS 15 trucks....The render is from TMS done during the Maestro's vacation....Colors are different from the render... Enjoy! White Eagle
  9. Eric Hostetler

    Someone call Denis (DMR)

    Denis - is our master artist in retirement - the gold standard we all shoot for....His excellence cannot be matched and his work is a living legacy of his brilliance...I count myself privileged to have worked with him on JGIR....He has contributed so much already so we need to be careful about...
  10. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS Stewart Haas #14 Tony Stewart third championship year 2011

    Thanks a bunch Tom! Now to figure out how to get one of these shots into my download...
  11. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS #14 Tony Stewart third championship Office Depot Mobil 1 2011 2019-03-26

    Hi Everyone! Here's the last in my Smoke championship cars project....His 2011 Office Depot/Mobil 1 Impala done on a camaro. Credits: SNG mencs19 mod and temps, base by RAH, logos from google, numbers BER, Awesome render from Garrett1127....Ratings 60/40 as usual.... Enjoy! White Eagle
  12. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS Stewart Haas #14 Tony Stewart third championship year 2011

    Hi Tom! Well, this finishes my Tony champ cars project. Thanks for all your hard work in doing my renders!!! What I would like is a single car 2 view scene, just one to save you time. Credits: SNG mencs19 mod and temp, base by RAH, ber numbers, logos google, render you, pit crew from...
  13. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS Joe Gibbs Racing Tony Stewart 2005 Second Championship 2019-03-23

    Hi Everyone! Here's my second in a series I am doing of Tony Stewart's championship cars....Office depot up next. This is as accurate as I could get. Credits: Sng 19 mod and template, base me, render garrett1127, logos from google, numbers BER, and conts me and One Tough Customer. Enjoy...
  14. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS JGR #20 Tony Stewart second championship year 2005

    Hi Tom! First of all thanks for the great work you do on my renders and everyone else's!!! I have decided to take an extended break from carsets and do all of Tony's championship cars so I can get used to the 19 temp...What I would like is same as you did before....Credits: SNG mencs19 mod...
  15. Eric Hostetler

    19 Conts

    Highbank, took your advice and made my own stamps....Used some from Google and OneToughCustomer....Should be up on the site by now for others to use...
  16. Eric Hostetler

    WEDS 2019 3 makes contingency stamp 2019-03-21

    Hi Everyone! Highbank, I took your advice and made my own contingency stamp. I got my images from Google and I used some of OneToughCustomer's stuff to make stamps for each of the 3 makes. Also included Glenn Wood and JD Gibbs stickers as well. I went off google images of Chase Elliot, Kevin...
  17. Eric Hostetler

    #20 JGR Tony Stewart First Championship Car 2019-03-20

    Hi Everyone! This is another break project for me and this time I decided to do Smoke's first car he drove to a championship on a Camaro. As accurate as I could get due to being from 2002. Thanks to Garrett1127 for the awesome render. Credits: SNG mencs19 mod and template, base from me...
  18. Eric Hostetler

    Complete WEDS JGR #20 Tony Stewart first championship year 2002

    THANKS TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate it!!!!