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  1. mtblillie

    Alternates for tracks that don't exist in NR2003

    As I understand it the Las Vegas Bullring doesn't exist in NR2003. If someone happens to know where one exists, awesome, but it is a long shot. My question is actually what track do you short trackers out there think would be a close replacement? I don't do a lot of the short track local series...
  2. mtblillie

    New to NR2003?

    Suddenly there have been an awful lot of posts about newbies joining the NR2003 community. The forums are here in part to help out in these types of situations, but it gets a little tiresome answering the same questions over and over again. I thought it might be easier if we put everything in...
  3. mtblillie

    mtblillie's showroom

    I figured it was about time I posted my stuff here. My original intention was to post my 1989 cars in carsets, but I have been so slow making a complete sets due to finding good resources, updating, and just life in general. I figured I might as well post it all little by little instead, since I...
  4. mtblillie

    mtblillie's cars

    I figured it was time I started posting more here. Here is Kurt Busch's Monster Energy car. This is a generic version of the ride rather than from a specific race. Render by The Mod Squad Template of coarse from Splash n Go me I guess Number is from BER, as is the Gear Wrench logo...
  5. mtblillie

    Dale Earnhardt Community Tribute

    So I just started working on this project and posted over at SRD, but I thought I would ask here as well. I'm working on Dale Earnhardt's 2001 car that was signed by fans after his death. There was a similar car posted at the Masgrafx site back in the day, but I wanted to make a version for the...
  6. mtblillie

    League Special Race Idea

    So this is just a spitball idea that came to me the other day. With my job I don't really have the time or energy to get into online or even offline leagues so I figured I'd post it and if someone wants to do it they can run with it. Because of my lack of experience with leagues this also may...
  7. mtblillie

    Complete 1989 Mike Alexander Buick Cup90

    Template: Desmod/DakotaSimRacing/IB4JR/TAZZ Numbers: FW2 (Masgrafx) Logos: Abuchl/Masgrafx/Google Associates/Contigs: CC48/Turn4Grafx/CAkin24 THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  8. mtblillie

    Complete 1989 Geoff Bodine Cup90 Chevy Monte Carlo

    This is a 1989 monte carlo on a ford model. Temp: I'm honestly not a 100% sure where the temp came from, it may have been RacingGrafx. Base: Me with elements from Masgrafx Number: BigEvilRacing Logos: Masgrafx Assoc/Contigs: CC48, CAkin24 AS ALWAYS THANK YOU!!!!
  9. mtblillie

    NR2003/NASCAR Wiki

    I've been toying with the idea of making a Wiki that relates NR2003 to NASCAR history. What started me on this idea was working on Race Listings on my site for historical races so anyone can look up what cars drove in a particular race and look for places to download it. Sort of a combination of...
  10. mtblillie

    Complete 1989 Ernie Irvan Pontiac Cup90 Request

    Same credits as the AeroWar version, with the exception that the template is from Racin Grafx. As always, thank you!!!!
  11. mtblillie

    Complete 1989 Ernie Irvan Pontiac AeroWar88 Request

    Temp: theUSpits Numbers: BER Kroger: I'm actually not sure where I got this one. The filename is seems like I made it a long time ago but if it is someone else's please let me know. Associates: Google/CC48 Contigs: CC48
  12. mtblillie

    1989 BGN Carset

    Some of you guys have probably seen these cars elsewhere, but I thought since I had never posted anything here before I would make my first post as progress on the set. Currently I am working on 1989 Busch Grand National cars for the AeroWar88 mod. I have started by working on the Daytona cars...