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  1. Cynon

    How are you guys coping with COVID-19?

    I'm just looking out for the vulnerable people in my life in whatever ways I can. Whether that's listening to them go on about random things, or sending them money, I'll do what I can to help. Me, personally? I'm doing fine for the most part. My job lets me work remotely, but I kinda miss...
  2. Cynon

    Cars hitting pit wall?

    Assuming you don't want to mess with .LPs, which I get. But if you can redo the minpit0.lp, absolutely do it. I think with something like that I'd start with opening the track.ini turning ai_line_modifier down by .05. Either that or making a copy of pit0.lp (assuming there aren't two pit lanes)...
  3. Cynon

    Young's Motorsports Number Font

    Oh yeah, I made a font out of that (badly) and put it on NNRacing awhile back.
  4. Cynon

    Identifying this font?

    Looks like Industry to me. I know that because I use a demi-bold version of that in my offline league videos.
  5. Cynon

    Cars hitting pit wall?

    Turning down the ai_line_modifier by 0.01 or so might help, but that's not a good solution long-term. Recreating the LP files is probably a better solution. That's far less scary than you think (especially since it's not the race.lp), as long as you have a wheel and are a reasonably smooth-ish...
  6. Cynon

    International Competitive Racing Mod Development Thread

    Might be a fun mod to paint for. Keep up the good work!
  7. Cynon

    How to make races more interesting

    Superspeedways, honestly, I find to be quite dull, but I'll help you out with some basics of what to change in the track.ini and why. 1. Hidden Values Alright, for starters... the following values should be added to [ ai_track ] at the end of the default physics values (meaning before [...
  8. Cynon

    Gravis City: Industrial Zone 11 1.1.2

    So a few years ago I got into a Facebook argument with someone about what a roval is, and I got so annoyed that I created this track in a little under a month. So essentially, this track only exists because I had an ego trip. The second Gravis City track to be released (but the first posted...
  9. Cynon

    The Raceway at Cotnam Farms

    I can see why you say that, it's definitely got some similarities to other tracks I've made, Burlington most notably. It's got some similarities to some street circuits as well, but none of that was intentional.
  10. Cynon

    Rainbow Road 1.1.0

    Just in time for pride month, here's my take on Rainbow Road for NR2003. You can knock the AI out into space. Sources for some textures include the Mario Kart games, and Solar System Scope. This track was not based off of any of the Mario Kart layouts, but it's mostly inspired by Mario Kart...
  11. Cynon

    Dead Links, Hopefully Not Dead Mods

    Okay, now I fixed it. Editing links don't save unless you unlink them first. good job me
  12. Cynon

    Dead Links, Hopefully Not Dead Mods

    Fixed that
  13. Cynon

    Dead Links, Hopefully Not Dead Mods

    Rare tracks, huh? Alright, here's a few that I'm pulling out of my collection, mostly at random. Some of these might not be that rare. Albacete -- A track made by Alfredo Martinez Romera in 2005. HLR GP -- TM Master Cup series fans will be familiar with this track, since it features as the...
  14. Cynon

    Looking for tracks

    May I recommend Ice Planet 2002? :biggrin:
  15. Cynon

    The Raceway at Cotnam Farms

    This track was totally redrawn with a new layout. It has LPs and working AI. There are three passing zones in this 1.4-ish mile track, and it holds a full field of 47 cars.
  16. Cynon

    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    Here, you see the first ever skyball (as opposed to a skybox), first ever 8k texture in NR2003, and the largest ever track object in physical size (which is something like 95% the size of the real life earth).
  17. Cynon

    Unpopular Opinions

    NASCAR will not be salvageable if Bubba Wallace and Daniel Suarez flame out. Both need to become stars and champions. You mean when they aren't on fire?
  18. Cynon

    Golden State Motorsports Park (GSMP) 1.0.0

    This is a 3.3 mile, very fast road course that is set in the south bay area in California. I drew the layout about 4 or 5 months before any objects were placed, because I wasn't sure it would be really good. Then I decided to add a ton of elevation, scaled the track up a bit, and holy hell it's...
  19. Cynon

    Steelback Stadium - v1.0.2

    There are no geometry changes, so it's only critical for offline racing. In other words, if you downloaded v1.0.0, you can race online against someone with v1.0.2. Fixes; - Fixed an issue with the AI not leaving their pit stalls until they had a clear pit lane behind them, which could cause...
  20. Cynon

    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    New car for an old carset on a new track. :D