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(WinstonCup98) 1998 Winston Cup Templates UPDATED to 2018


  1. Smoke14
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Recent Reviews

  1. PepsiBoy428
    Cool temps, I have an idea for the windshield, Make 2 black strips on the roof, one for the Monster banner and 2nd for Name banner
  2. LieutenantHardhat
    If you look at it just right, the Ford looks depressed. Excellent templates!
    1. Smoke14
      Author's Response
      You're right. I'll make sure to fix that!
  3. rob52488
    Nice work, but I agree with @DaleTona, as the Ford headlights need to be slanted more. Nice idea though! I know somewhere down the line I will need them for an offline league I make or something
  4. DaleTona
    This is a pretty interesting concept, and you did a fine job. I'd suggest you angle the headlights on the ford a bit more, give them the slant they have IRL