WEDS 3 Goodwrench Peter Max

WEDS 3 Goodwrench Peter Max 2017-12-10

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Hi Everyone!

Just found this gem on my external hard drive...Forgot I had made it....This is an early attempt at Senior's famous Peter Max car I did way back when..This is for the original cup folder....Probably not perfect, but here it is anyways :)


WEDS 3 Peter Max.png

If there are others who have done a better job, just ignore this one...LOL...Still miss Senior like crazy and it's hard to accept the fact that for the first time in a long time there will be no Earnhardts racing next year in Monster Cup...

Happy racin!

Eric Hostetler
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Love it. Would you possibly be willing to share the base scheme in psd format?
Eric Hostetler
Eric Hostetler
Wish I could, but the car is so old that I don't have those kinds of files anymore...Sorry!!!