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Test Course 0.91 Beta

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The Test Course is a 6.3 mile oval from Gran Turismo 4 that hosts several high speed races as well as 0-400 meter, 0-1000 meter, and top speed testing. I have set the chassis to type 5 so cars can reach speeds of up to 260 miles an hour with the right tune.

I don't think there's much more detail I can add, the track itself being located in seemingly the middle of nowhere with nothing but forests surrounding it. However I am still going to consider it in beta because I don't believe it's as complete as I think it could be. I still need to put in little details like numbers along with the lines denoting every 100 meters and I'd like to have the overhead signs that mark every 100 meters as well as the special signs at 400 and 1000 meters.

Credit to Papyrus and the makers of Suzuka_GTP and Twin_Ring_Motegi for 3dos used on this track.

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  1. Small fixes and details update

    Today I've decided to go back to a track rather than make a new one. Here's a list of changes...

Latest reviews

Solid track. Probably gonna use in my SS Series.
One suggestion I have is to raise the clearance of the tunnel. The far chase camera clips it so it bugs out if you use that camera. Probably only have to raise everything 3-4 meters and it should be good.
I can't wait for what you do when the more classic RC's get made. I'm looking forward to it!
Another solid beta. But when the full pace lap is selected, the cars are on the opposite sides of where they should be (inside starters are on the outside and vice versa), causing them to drive into each other and spin under the pace lap. The inside cars tend to hit where the armco and wall meet coming off the pit lane also. Some cars also miss the entrance to pit road. They'll slow down but don't turn in fast enough. Other cars hit the wall head-on entering the pits.
Can't wait to see what future updates bring, as well as what you make next! Big fan of the "let's port tracks from other games into NR2003" concept and I wish more people did it.