Stunod Racing Community NXS17 Fictional Carset

Stunod Racing Community NXS17 Fictional Carset V1.0

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THANKS to SRD for the mod....fantastic work, DaleTona for his alternative Templates, the entire NR2003 Community of Mod & Track makers, countless individuals too vast in number to thank for their content made available to all of us. Gracias to a large number of sites both past and present (active and now gone) for their logos, numbers and other painting materials.

I personally want to thank the paint scheme contributors for their hard work, fantastic original fictional designs and keeping it quick and working with my badgering! YOU ROCK!

Installation: The file contains a folder named "cars", it goes into your Papyrus/NR2003/series/NXS17 folder AFTER you rename you original cars folder OR you can simply let it merge and the use the setlist contained within to run your series, races, etc...

If you don't already have the mod, (why not?) you may find it here: SRD NXS17 Mod Page


(The file is too large to upload to Stunod, so you will be sent to a mediafire page for the Download.)
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great work y'all! thank you!
Fantastic work. Thank You to all involved with this amazing carset!
great job and thanks for sharing
Brilliant work guys!
Thankful I was apart of this. (I mad respect the 18 car) Awesome job to everyone who did this!