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NASCAR 06: Total Team Control Whelen Modified Season 3.0

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A .ini for the 2005 Whelen Modified Series season found in "Fight to the Top" in NASCAR 06: Total Team Control. Recreated as best as possible using tracks already in my tracks folder. Surprisingly enough, the only tracks that needed "replacing" are ones that have yet to be made for NR2003. 100% race length in season settings matches 100% Whelen races in NASCAR 06.

Tracks necessary for making this work and other notes are in parentheses beside the event name/date.

  • Bell Tower 150 (Richmond) (2/9) (track already in vanilla NR2003 )
  • Badger State 150 (Milwaukee) (2/16) (Milwaukee FSE from Freddy and Shaun Enterprises)
  • Appalachain 150 (Martinsville) (3/2) (already in NR2003 )
  • Lehigh Valley 150 (Nazareth) (3/23 ) (Nazareth 2017 WKC Day)
  • Market Street 150 (Levi Strauss) (4/13 ) (don't know where I found this track, but someone made it for NR2003, so the .ini requires it)
  • Door County 150 (Old Spice) (5/4) (Old Spice 2015 by APT)
  • Railway 150 (UPS) (5/25) (Renamed Carolina 150 and set at Myrtle_Beach_2018_PST by Project Short Track - found at Smiffsden and SRD) (UPS has not been made for NR2003 yet)
  • Dodge Racing 150 (Dodge) (6/8) (Dodge Motordrome over at Armory Digital)
  • Aloha 150 (Mr. Clean) (6/29) (renamed Tarheel 150 and set at Rockingham, already in the game. Mr. Clean Speedway in NASCAR 06 is a Hawaiian-themed Rockingham clone. Would be nice to see it remade for NR2003.)
  • New England 100 (New Hampshire) (7/20) (already in game)
  • Hoosier 100 (UPS) (8/10) (Renamed Palmetto 100 and set at Myrtle_Beach_2018_PST by Project Short Track)
  • Steel Mill 100 (Levi Strauss) (8/31)
  • Cherry Blossom 100 (Old Spice) (9/21) (Old_Spice_2016_Night_APT)
  • Cardinal 150 (IRP) (10/5) (set at irp_night - part of the "IRP Duo" at SRD)
  • New Hampshire 100 (New Hampshire) (10/26) (already in game)
  • Grab Life By The Horns 150 (Dodge) (11/16) (Dodge_Motordrome_n) (Armory Digital)
Drop the .ini file in whatever series folder you want (doesn't have to be the Whelen Modifieds) and it should work.

Keep in mind that if anyone makes the tracks missing from the season, this resource WILL be updated as soon as it can be. Stay tuned for potential updates!

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Thank you!
You're quite welcome!
Pretty cool! Fun fact: UPS International Speedway is called Red Ball Raceway in NASCAR 2005 and NASCAR 07
And Levi Strauss is Craftsman Speedway in 08 and Old Spice is Boulder in 08. Very strange, Think Red Ball is UPS again in 08. Would like a version of UPS/Red Ball with both aesthetics!
This is awesome, I always wanted to do like a mock season using Total Team Control but I don't think anyone would want to see that.
Glad you like it! Make sure you have all the tracks listed!