MENCS 18 Full Contingency Pack

MENCS 18 Full Contingency Pack 1.5.1

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Well here it is guys I finally Finished with my Full Contingency pack for the MENCS18 mod cars and it also comes with Dodge Charger Pack as well. This pack also has the Bush Pole award as well. Note: this is only part one there will be two more parts after this one so check back when each is finished.


Decals: SNG, Alan Harkleroad, @Mediafaze Designs , Me, @ericman84
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Latest updates

  1. Minor Graphical and Team Update Fix

    Fixed some of the texture Issues I didn't see and added 2 team changes that I missed.
  2. MENSC 2019 Update

    An update to my Contig pack that now has full contingencies the MENSC19 mod. And its now in one...

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Thanks. Awesome work!
Great work here...Just use my Wood and Gibbs decals and you are set to go...
I don't c ompletely understand what this mod is about. is it about every 2018 cup car in one mod? is it a silly season pack? please let me know. and even searching up the definition for "Contingency" doesn't help.
This is a complete Contig sheet pack for all 4 makes for the MENSC18/19 series mods. I put this in the wrong folder cause the Contingencies one in logos wasn't added when I made the original Download
Love this! This is high quality work!
Thank you I'm glad you love this it took me a week to do.