Hailie Deegan #17 Ford F-150 - Kansas 2020

Hailie Deegan #17 Ford F-150 - Kansas 2020 v2

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Latest updates

  1. Added #TruckinInto2021

    Added #TruckinInto2021 logos onto the hood and rear.

Latest reviews

Great work! Do you know where I can find that template?
Great truck :) Spot on!
Dead on perfect. Couldn't do it better myself!
Hey that means a lot coming from you! The 2020 NGOTS kingpin! lolol
nice work
Great job! Thanks. I'm a Hailie Deegan fan. She's got talent. She's attractive and very marketable. I think she is great for the sport.
Incredible job with this scheme!
Looks really great Lefty! This truck looks so good!
Need I say anything here
Awesome work Lefty!!