Evergreen Speedway Night 2018(NEW TRACK)

Evergreen Speedway Night 2018(NEW TRACK)

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  1. Evergreen Speedway Night 2018 V1.1

    Here is the updated version! the crashing issue off of turn 2 has been fixed as an f section was...

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You guys did a pretty nice job on the update. Congrats.

Now... the next thing we need to work with you on is creating and adding a more realistic looking nighttime environment, with proper shadowing, shading and darkening of the objects, horizons, walls, etc. in and around the track to make a more realistic looking and immersive nighttime atmosphere. Right now, everything around the track show daytime mips. These all need to be darkened and shaded.

Otherwise, nice job on your first foray into track editing. :)
The one thing we need more of SHORTY'S
Well, Mission Accomplished here.! It feels so good to bring something into this community :D. Hopefully you all enjoy it :D
Well, you guys FINALLY decided to finish this, didn't you? Haha nice job, Rob, Sean, and Jonny!
Excellent job!