DMR Cup90 1995 Winston Cup Version 2.0 Carset-CTS Physics

DMR Cup90 1995 Winston Cup Version 2.0 Carset-CTS Physics 2.0

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This is the 1995 carset expanded to 149 cars covering every driver to start a race during the season and includes most DNQ's. In fact, only 4 drivers are not included in this carset because no photos of the cars have been found.
This set includes the original 1995 carset painted by CC#48 - used with his permission and all additional cars painted by Psugorilla. Cars are rated and come with basic pit crews.
There are 3 .LST files. Overall Speedweeks, Duel 1, Duel 2, and Winston Open. A Readme file is also included. PLEASE read it for all additional credits!
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Latest reviews

Loved it. I like the old nascar models instead of the 2015 and 2019 models. I dont know why. They really just made me very happy.
Wow! Lots of great work involved here, thanks a ton.
Excellent work. Really looking forward to using this
Outstanding work! Thank You very much!
Spectacular! Thanks for making this classic season complete.