Classic Indycars for Original OWR Mod

Classic Indycars for Original OWR Mod 1.6

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Including 45 cars from the 80's till 2019 of the Indycar, CART and IRL series for the Original OWR Mod.
Bases: Me
Numbers: Me,Big Evil Racing, Google
Logos: Google,Big Evil Racing, Masgrafx, etc...
Helmets by me
Any mistake or error can report me

This carset contains the following drivers in one or more liveries.

Andretti, Mario
Andretti, Michael
Blundell, Mark
Boesel, Raul
Bourdais, Sebastien
Brack, Kenny
Calkins, Buzz
Carpentier, Patrick
Castroneves, Helio
Da Matta, Cristiano
De Ferran, Gil
Fittipaldi, Christian
Franchitti, Dario
Gugelmim, Mauricio
Herta, Bryan
Hinchcliffe, James
Hunter-Reay, Ryan
Johansson, Stefan
Johncock, Gordon
Mansell, Nigel
Montoya, Juan Pablo
Moore, Greg
Newgarden, Josef
Pagenaud, Simon
Papis, Max
Patrick, Danica
Power, Will
Rahal, Bobby
Rahal, Graham
Rossi, Alexander
Rutherford, Johnny
Sato, Takuma
Sneva, Tom
Stewart, Tony
Tracy, Paul
Unser Sr., Al
Villeneuve, Jacques
Zanardi, Alex

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Latest reviews

Great work!
Thank you.
Thank-you for widening the door to NR2003 and Open Wheel Racing fans!
You're welcome. Happy to share it with OWR fans.
Great idea and great looking cars. Thank You.
Thanks, the idea is to remember the good old times of Indycar. I'm still going to release a couple more versions with cars from the 70's, 80's, 00's and maybe 10's.

If you want, you can check this thread.
Looks very nice! Do you know where can I get the Original OWR Mod?
Hello, the mod is available here