Chase Elliott Clash Car

Chase Elliott Clash Car 9.3

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  1. Last change I plan to make.

  2. Chase Clash 9.2

    Added rocker panel stripes, and modified driver a bit.
  3. Chase Clash tga

    Moved a few things around, painted driver better.

Latest reviews

Sweet Paint
This car is perfect! (except that it should have a Superspeedway grill) Looks a lot better than the version I made!
Garret you never cease to amaze, this is a very good paint scheme you made here. However not to be rude just trying to help, but the only thing off on the car is the 9 on the other side it's scewerd the wrong way. Other than that it's pretty much spot on.
So I see, will get that fixed right away. It all depends on which pictures you look at. I even took the time to make that backwards slant PS number.
Car looks awesome.
It's okay but I really shoudn't be talking, your missing the one stripe on the number, theirs a better MTN Dew car on nnracing if people out their would rather have it, otherwise good job
Well, that's a pretty bold statement, telling the site co-owner his work sucks, that there's a better car elsewhere, I looked at that car, color is wrong, GA. flag in wrong spot, their number is same as mine...let's see you paint the perfect car.
You are correct in saying you shouldn't be talking.....
Awesome Car!!!

Spot on , Great Job!!