Auto Club Speedway - 2022

Auto Club Speedway - 2022 1.0.1

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Oscar Anderson
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  1. Auto Club 2022 - Bug fix #1

    Updated Track: Bug Fix By itself...

Latest reviews

this proves that NR2003 is better than iRacing
Huge THX for this track ! lot of fun and already work on my setup for it

Cool the way we feel like that is the same place as actual track!
Looks phenomenal, and driving on it is a blast. I did noticed getting in and out of the pits is a bit of a challenge for the AI, but other than that I’ve had no real issues with it! Great work, and thank you for taking the time to make this to give us a taste of what’s to come!
Oscar Anderson
Oscar Anderson
Thanks! The AI do slip up sometimes out of the pits, but i believe this is inevitable due to the tight radius of the pit exit. Glad you like the track!
Thanks for all the hard work.
Works great now! Great work!!!
I really like the track, I keep getting black flagged when I try to qualify though.
Oscar Anderson
Oscar Anderson
Thank you for letting me know. Bug fix coming soon and that has been resolved.
Amazing for a two-day-old announcement...
Guys I remember the Papy Ne Hampshire used to have that same pace car/black flag'll get solved
VERY WELL DONE GOOD SIR. From the information we have, this is spot on!My only complaint is that if you start in the back 10 spots, you get black flagged for passing the pace car, and that the pit road speed is 30, but the spotter says 35. Other than that, its truly remarkable how good this was made in such a short time.
Oscar Anderson
Oscar Anderson
hmmm, odd that you're getting black flagged. I've done quite a bit of testing and haven't seen that before. Guess that's just part of it being the first track I've made, i may have missed some minor things like that. Glad you're having fun with it though!
Looks nice.

AI and start mechanism still has very large critical errors. Does not quite work as intended, yet.
Oscar Anderson
Oscar Anderson
What issues are you having? I've done ~25 races on the current version and had no issues with grid so i'd like to fix it if it's going to be a common issue.
Love It!