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Austin Dillon 2018 Coke 600 Camaro 2018-05-13


  1. OneToughCustomer
    Austin Dillon's Coke 600 car running next week. Parts of the flag were done by @Antigordo the rest was my doing. Render was from the Boss @garrett1127 so thanks boss.
    Base: Me/ @Antigordo
    Template: SNG
    Numbers: BER
    Logos: Me/Coca-Cola/USO/American Ethanol/Dow/Bass Pro Shops/Realtree/Symbicort/Okuma
    Also I might make an update when the car is released with the patriotic banner.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jakub Smetana 48
    Jakub Smetana 48
    Version: 2018-05-13
    Awesome, but you have also on the car Coors Light Pole Award ;)
    1. OneToughCustomer
      Author's Response
      thanks for reminding me I'll change it in the update when the patriotic banner comes out.
  2. Pantallica
    Version: 2018-05-13
    Great work man, but you wrote "2016" in the title.
    1. OneToughCustomer
      Author's Response
      opps I'll fix it XD