Austin Dillon 2018 Coke 600 Camaro

Austin Dillon 2018 Coke 600 Camaro V 1.1

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Austin Dillon's Coke 600 car running next week. Parts of the flag were done by @Antigordo the rest was my doing. Render was from the Boss @garrett1127 so thanks boss.

Base: Me/ @Antigordo
Template: SNG
Numbers: BER
Logos: Me/Coca-Cola/USO/American Ethanol/Dow/Bass Pro Shops/Realtree/Symbicort/Okuma
Also I might make an update when the car is released with the patriotic banner.

Latest updates

  1. Patriotic banner and no cores pole award update

    With nascar announcing the fallen soldiers that would be on each team I had to make this update...

Latest reviews

Looks great! Wish the 3 ran a Coke scheme more often
Awesome, but you have also on the car Coors Light Pole Award ;)
thanks for reminding me I'll change it in the update when the patriotic banner comes out.
Great work man, but you wrote "2016" in the title.
opps I'll fix it XD