78 Axele Camaro ZL1 (Texas, Kansas 2020)

78 Axele Camaro ZL1 (Texas, Kansas 2020) V2

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Template: SNG
Number: BER
Base: RAH
Logos: RAH, Google, me
2020 update: BER
Version 1 Render: Paul Sutton
Version 2 Render: Garrett1127

Its not perfect, but here it is, BJ McLeod's Axele car from Texas and Kansas

Version 2

Version 1
78 Axele.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Detail Update

    Added lots of details and added or fixed some logos Render: TMS

Latest reviews

Hey buddy good enough for me. Avid AI comp racer.
awesome job thanks!
Good looking car
Nice work! My comments are just to add the Nascar Salutes logo instead of the Nascar Race Car, and a few other missing details but great job!
Bryson Russell
Bryson Russell
Took in what you said and make an update, ill be updating this post in a few hours with the new version