2020 NASCAR Cup Series Season INI

2020 NASCAR Cup Series Season INI 2.1

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Very basic initial season file for the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season. Has all the races in the right places at the right times.

To provide the best(tm) depiction with what we have available track-wise (read: the most current version of <insert track> on my computer), some pre-requisite tracks need to be installed. They are:
  • Daytona 2017 TE
  • Las Vegas 2020 Spring
  • Auto Club FSE 2018
  • Atlanta 2019 MB
  • Texas 2017 Spring
  • Richmond 2018 BB-MC Night
  • Dover Night 2017
  • Charlotte 2019 BB-MC Night
  • Michigan FSE 2017
  • Chicagoland 2018 BB-MC Day
  • Kentucky 2013 SDT
  • Watkins Glen 2017
  • Charlotte Roval BB-MC
  • ISM Raceway BB-MC
  • Homestead 2019
  • Bristol 2019
  • Bristol 2019 Night
  • Michigan MB 2019
  • Martinsville APT SDT T98 (or just Martinsville 2018ish, if that's too long)
Every other track in the season is the vanilla Papyrus variant.

To install, just extract the season ini into whatever series folder you wish to run it in.

  • Find current day version of Dover
  • Find newer version of Kentucky
  • Wait for someone to create a Martinsville Night track if one hasn't already been made

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Latest reviews

thank you for this! I just want you to update this because BBMC just released new Bristol day and night tracks
Yeah, I'm working on it. Don't you worry.
I have a night version of Martinsville. It's called Martinsville Night 2007 v.1.0. Developed by Omodified of ASTG and Charl B of Simodified. Published on 8/15/2007. I'm sorry. Can't remember where I downloaded it.

You can find a version of Martinsville called Martinsville Night Modified at the addresses below:

http://rollingthundergaming.com/downloads/nascar/trackdl/shorttracks.htm (by JRock & James76)

I'm sorry I can't tell if these are the same versions of
Martinsville night.
Now that's pretty crescent fresh. I'm gonna take a look at these and see what all is different with these and then pick one.
when i try to start the 2020 season with the schedule my game crashes
Do you have all the tracks it needs downloaded? I listed all pre-requisite downloads in the description.
Christopher Bell (Not the driver) made a Martinsville night track.
Send me the link to it.
what files do I put this in
i am running kentucky sra from 2017. it starts in the day and ends at night
this is a great idea. check over on nr2k3.weebly for tracks man.