2019 Chris Buescher Thrill of the Grill Pack

2019 Chris Buescher Thrill of the Grill Pack 2019-07-01

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It's back and it's black! The Thrill of the Grill value pack is here. And thanks to everyone's feedback, I redid the design because the orange line was way too big and the design was very inaccurate. But since you all brought it up I fixed it! So remember to leave me feedback! It is more accurate to the real car and I hope you enjoy Buescher's cars from Charlotte, Pocono, and Michigan. Sorry if the flames are too heavy I couldn't find a fire pattern similar to the real car. Hope you all enjoy!
Template: Splash N' Go Graphics
Paint: Me
Logos: Google
Thrill of the Grill Logo: Thunder98
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Latest reviews

Great job on these! Could you make his Your Personal Pit Stop car from Kansas, Fast Start from Pocono 2, and Scott Comfort Plus car? You're one the only Stunoders I know who can make high quality Buescher cars in 2019!
Yeah I was planning on making the fast start car whenever he switches to the next multi product car. Whichever one that'll be, that way I can make the base and then just slap the logos on it. I can make the my Personal Pitstop car. However I'm not too sure about the scott comfort plus car, I'll try to do it when I have some free time, I've been really busy lately. But I will work on these soon. I promise. Thank you for the compliment and request.
fantastic job thanks!
Not an easy scheme by any means. Thanks for the good work!
Nope but I just love the challenge, thanks for the download and support.
Beautiful recreation on this car
Thank you.
Precision is fabulous on your cars !
Thank you
awesome and keep up the good work
Thank you, and I most certainly will