2017 Fictional Dodge Charger Carset (Pt. 1) 2018-03-12

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-- Bases created by Paint by Rah, Alexander Venomia, and by me. Logos and Numbers also from Paint by Rah and as well as SimDetail, Templates by Big Evil and Splash and Go Graphics --

This .rar file includes seven car files, named and skinned, but ratings are not included. The Penske, Ganassi and RPM cars are perfectly and "non-fictionally" accurate, but I was wondering.. if dodge was still around, maybe FRR might have gone form chevy to dodge. But still, its all up to you if you wanna include these two FRR dodges in you're 40 car field!
2018-03-12 (2).png

Part two may include a Dodge Stewart-Haas team, as well as some other small dodge teams.

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