1999 Rick Mast Crash Bandicoot

1999 Rick Mast Crash Bandicoot 1.0

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Here, boys and girls, is my first paint scheme for NR2003. I did the best I could with what I was working with, using three blurry photos as my only reference. This car only ran one race, the 1999 Napa 500 at Atlanta, so I had to use the low resolution television broadcast to help me make this as well.
The download contains the psd, tga, and car files, as well as all the building materials I used to make the car.

Number: Me
Logos: Me / Google
Contingencies: Me: Simpson, Jesel, Hurst. All others: Gran Turismo Sport
Template/Base: Papyrus

Please, tell me what you think and enjoy. Render by SprintRacer92.

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Outstanding for what you were working with, this is probably as accurate as this car can get.