1997 Jack Sprague #52 Pedigree Pontiac Grand Prix

1997 Jack Sprague #52 Pedigree Pontiac Grand Prix v1.0

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This is Jack Sprague's #52 Pedigree Pontiac Grand Prix from the 1997 Nascar Winston Cup Season. This car ran at Phoenix and was a part time car from Hendrick Motorsports. Yes Hendrick Motorsports had a Pontiac for 2 races. Sadly it crashed with front end damage but here is the uncrashed version of the car. Enjoy!!!

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Thank you for the car. Excellent work!
But it's not Sprague's 1997 car - it's the 1996 car from Ken Schrader Racing which ran the final two races (Phoenix & Atlanta)
Eli the Wolf
Eli the Wolf
Thanks for the correction and not too long ago I saw the starting grid for that race and this car was there.
Looks good but why not the WinstonCup98 mod?
Eli the Wolf
Eli the Wolf
I will do it for that mod as well at some point