1977 IROC Carset (DMR SNSC70)

1977 IROC Carset (DMR SNSC70) 2017-05-09

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The International Race of Champions was, in it's heyday, one of the most prestigious series in all of Motorsports. The idea was simple; pit the champions of Motorsports against one another in equally matched vehicles. They came from differing types of racing; Open Wheel, Stock Car, Sports Cars, and so on. The common bond between them was that they were champions of the sports they represented.

This set includes 11 cars, all of which raced in the IROC Series in 1977. These schemes are patterned off the third race from Riverside.

Ratings are included. Pit crews are not. IROC races did not require pit-stops, so they are not needed. A schedule file is also included to run the series in championship mode.

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Thanks Cody :)
Excellent job! Another great addition to NR2003 history by DaleJrFan95.
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