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#19 Crazy Random Paint Scheme Dodge Charger (Fictional Gen6BR) 2018-03-12


  1. CAkin24
    Here's the .car file for my new online car. This is a completely random scheme that I've been wanting to make ever since 2013, when I saw Travis Pastrana's crazy Nationwide scheme. I took the inspiration from that, but made mine really over the top. Lots of crazy colors, textures, designs, words / phrases and clip art.

    Thanks to the following people / websites:
    Big Evil Racing (number and template), Google (clip-art, decals), clipartlibrary.com (clip-art), Alan Harkleroad (contingencies), Italo Rapacci (some Dodge Charger parts), Paint by Rah (paint bases), me (base, designs, textures, text, pictures of house and barn), and garrett1127 for the render.


    1. 19b.jpg
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