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    Arca Series ???

    That is why I'm using the BRG615 Mod, the whole field of ARCA cars are available...
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    Arca Series ???

    I did the same with the 2015 CTS BR GEN 6 Mod. I'm satisfied with my entire setup, other than gauge placement! But I'd be interested in seeing what you did. You get the whole ARCA field? It's expansive!
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    Help with gauge relocation

    Ok, I'm not looking to create a mod, or take credit for anyone elses work, or anything nefarious. I would like to be able to dig into the guts of ANY available mod for NR2003, and simply edit the dashboard's gauge placement. I realize dissecting the entire DAT, this isn't possible and it lies...
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    I didn't realize it was as easy as exporting, importing into your favorite program, editing, saving, and importing into the game. It's just that simple though. I tinkered around last night with some basics. I added my nameplate to the back windshield. I was shocked how easy it was. Going to have...
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    I cant stop staring at your profile picture going around and around in my head on the track...

    I cant stop staring at your profile picture going around and around in my head on the track...
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    I used to paint planes in Flight Simulator.Now I think whenever I find the free time, I'll do some cars. The thing is, some of the stuff you guys do, is unsurpassed. So it's not like I'd have anything to offer other than a personal touch. At this point I'd just like to add a few of my own...
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    Direction of Site General Thoughts

    I feel your sentiment. It's understandably frustrating. I'm admittedly here for the goods. But, I've recently had interest in joining an online racing league. So I googled it, and ended up back here again, cool! I see Stunodracing pop up in search results for NR2003 related stuff all the time...