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    Thunder98's Showroom Mk.II

    Gotta love a guy who plays through the pain. :openedeyewink: Thank you, Jack! You're killin' it with these trucks. (Now if you could get some inspiration to do some Angela Ruch schemes...) ;)
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    August Member of the Month

    Very good choice! Jack, you work hard to provide us with lots of cool add-ons. You've earned it and you certainly deserve it! Congrats, man!
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    Here is my 10 step reflap procedure for dummies. A beginners guide. ;) Preliminary procedure. Get good at the track. Get a good stable setup under you. Drive a couple of hundred laps before you attempt to make LPs. Know what you want and where you want it. Don't try to make them cold on a...
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    Happy Birthday, ti2blegrr

    Happy Birthday, Tigg! You're quickly approaching 'ol geezer status like some of the rest of us! :p
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    Edmonton Int'l Raceway Night Request

    I don't believe that this track has been made by anyone. Only the day version is available.
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    Happy Birthday, JacobTB_14

    Happy Happy Jacob! Hope you have a wonderful day, bud. Thanks for all of the great car schemes you've painted over the years! :thumbsup: ;)
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    Jopajoe Paint Booth

    What a great looking scheme and a great job by you in re-creating it. :thumbsup:
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    Happy Birthday, Rufio2031

    Happy Birthday my friend! :thumbsup:
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    NR2003 Help For Making Spotter Pack

    This might help you. Scroll down. He talks about making spotter files.
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    Happy Birthday, Thunder98

    Happy Birthday, Jack.
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    Happy Birthday, mtblillie

    Happy Birthday, man! Hope they have some cake and ice cream for you at those BBQ's! ;) :)
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    Short Track Search

    Not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but you can find a ton of our nice short tracks made by me and the guys at PROJECT: Short Track at the following Link:
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    Happy Birthday, DaleJrFan95

    Been away.... happy belated!
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    4 GB Patch

    I'll be interested to hear if it helped your FPS rates at all.
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    4 GB Patch

    I just did the 33 car Indy 500 car set as a test. Downsized all of the crews to 512 res. Then compressed the cars and crews in WinMip2. Unfortunately, it didn't make any difference at all in my frame rates. Honestly, looking at the car files before downsizing the crews and compressing, they...