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    #40 Brennan Poole

    Car model means which car to use, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, or Toyota....
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    Happy Birthday, Ramblinman

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    Happy Birthday, phantom17

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    W.I.P. Paint Request

    Nice one Joe.
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    Complete 2019 MENCS Camaro Request

    Modified SNG scene,Rogue fin mod.
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    Complete Jimmie Johnson Armor Chili Concept (MENCS19 Camaro)

    Modified SNG scene,Rogue fin mod.
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    WinRaR failing to recognize some cars

    You should get's a lot better.
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    Zoom Racing World/Stunod Racing rFactor Formula Ford Series

    YIPPIE first ever online series Championship.........albeit it was a short 5 race series.
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    Complete Render Request

    SNG scene.
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    Complete 2018 MENCS Camry Renders

    Team shot.
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    Complete 2018 MENCS Camry Renders

    I went ahead and re-scaled them....better if you do it, but the renders came out ok. SNG scene.
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    Complete Kyle Larson Bill Elliott Throwback (MENCS19 Camaro)

    Except for the driver suit!
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    Complete 2018 MENCS Camry Renders

    OK, here's what you get when you mess the template up, you scaled it somehow, maybe carviewer would be an aid for you to see this before asking for renders.
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    Happy Birthday, alexander casstevens

    Happy Birthday.
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    NR2003 crashes after I changed the location?

    There are several youtube vids that cover this crash problem, suggest you go there and view these, win 10 has issues with running older games.