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Ceafus 88
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Sep 21, 2018 at 1:36 AM
Oct 11, 2016
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Nov 23, 1996 (Age: 21)

Ceafus 88

Admin, Male, 21

Thoughts on a proper offline league for the site? I would like to start an official one that is a yearly thing for the members here. Sep 12, 2018

Ceafus 88 was last seen:
Sep 21, 2018 at 1:36 AM
    1. Ceafus 88
      Ceafus 88
      Thoughts on a proper offline league for the site? I would like to start an official one that is a yearly thing for the members here.
      1. OneToughCustomer and JacobTB_14 like this.
      2. JacobTB_14
        Sounds like a great idea!
        Sep 12, 2018
        Ceafus 88 likes this.
      3. OneToughCustomer
        You know I haven't seen anyone make an Offline league of the new NPS17 mod yet that I know of
        Sep 17, 2018 at 11:04 PM
        Ceafus 88 likes this.
    2. Ceafus 88
      Ceafus 88
      Moveout weekend at college.
      1. Highbank likes this.
    3. Ceafus 88
      Ceafus 88
      A shred of light has been shed on my 3ds Max situation...
      1. Highbank likes this.
    4. Ceafus 88
      Ceafus 88
      I can't even get 3ds Max to open, great...
    5. Ceafus 88
      Ceafus 88
      Most hate is just an excuse for your jealousy...
      1. DaleTona and Highbank like this.
    6. Skyline
      plz dm my instagram
      1. Skyline
        Yet again please dm my instagram lol
        Jul 7, 2017
        Ceafus 88 likes this.
    7. Ceafus 88
      Ceafus 88
      Spring Break! I will be not as active for about a week. I will not have a computer in my cabin, so I won't be able to do any renders.
    8. Bergie
      3 dmax 9 works fine and if I save a scene in 3dmax 9 mental ray scene and open it in 3 dmax 17 it works, it has to be something simple but I am over looking it. The car will render perfect, back ground is Hugh. I will keep at it !
    9. Bergie
      Hello Iceman! Great to see you back here!
      Yeah I have and can change the background just with max 17 everyone I try the back ground renders as if the back ground is very large,
      I enter a back ground in two places viewpoint back ground and in the environment, I posted pictures in 3d scene help back on N0v 4th
    10. Bergie
      Hello Ceafus 88
      Beautiful scenes for the BR15. I'm looking for a scene BR15 Mental ray , Ive got the one that Iceman has downloaded but I cant change the backgrounds.
      what max are you using ? I have 3dmax 9 and I have 3dmax 17 I want to use 17 more.

      1. Ceafus 88 likes this.
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      3. Bergie
        I don't think this scene has a bowl, didn't think the backgrounds worked with the bowl but I will look at it.
        Feb 28, 2017
      4. Bergie
        lol you can only post 420 character
        Feb 28, 2017
      5. The Iceman
        The Iceman
        It's very easy to change the backgrounds ln Mental Ray...
        Mar 2, 2017
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    Nov 23, 1996 (Age: 21)
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