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New Profile Posts

  1. ti2blegrr
    Only one day off with three days worth of work to do, screw it, I'm racing!
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  2. Bergie
  3. Highbank
    1968 Trans Am U2 painting underway...Porsches, Minis and Alfas...OH MY!
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  4. Highbank
    REAL TRANS AM...has been achieved! FINALLY! Tonight we drink!
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    2. LieutenantHardhat
      But can it run on Banked Pocono?
      Jun 24, 2017 at 10:37 AM
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    3. Highbank
      Have you ever seen Meadowdale? Check it out and ask that....
      Jun 24, 2017 at 11:38 AM
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  5. El Chavo Del 8
    El Chavo Del 8
    Que viva Mexico!! Now it's time for me to race.
  6. 2guns
    Decent night of racing, now bring on the weekend!
  7. 2guns
    2guns Highbank
    Hope you are doing good Highbank (Highlander) lol
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    2. Highbank
      Doing Great! Thanks for Asking!
      Jun 23, 2017 at 5:34 PM
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  8. LieutenantHardhat
    Note to self: "keep on truckin'" does not mean "paint CWS15 trucks like a goshdang factory." Too late, I suppose.
  9. MLG_Cat
    MLG_Cat Cal Loveall
    Are you that guy from the K&N series?
    1. Cal Loveall
      Cal Loveall
      What guy?
      Jun 23, 2017 at 1:40 PM
  10. Ongias25
    Ongias25 psugorilla
    Just want to let you know I'm a huge fan of your work and I appreciate all your contributions
  11. Highbank
    Oh look a 1994 Camaro to paint! Goodee!
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  12. Bobby24
    Bobby24 Trae00
    Where do I find your pm box at
  13. LieutenantHardhat
    I wonder if there's a way to render warwagons?
    1. The Iceman
      The Iceman
      Sure is. I do them with and without cars with them. Right now I'm only doing them with the gen6 cars.
      Jun 22, 2017 at 9:11 AM
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  14. ti2blegrr
    Oh the joys of using an old P.C.
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  15. PepsiBoy428
    PepsiBoy428 Chaser
    Hey thanks for liking my scheme using your temp!
  16. LieutenantHardhat
    H-A-P-P-Y, I LOVE my job.
  17. ti2blegrr
    Going to learn every track I have in GPL by racing them all til I win in Grand Prix mode.
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  18. kirbyfighter12
    Slowly recreating logos from Daytona USA.
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  19. ti2blegrr
  20. LieutenantHardhat
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