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New Profile Posts

  1. themodsquad
    Burning the midnight oil on Trans Am modeling.
  2. Highbank
    USAC Stockcars....
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  3. Jeffery White
    Jeffery White jopajoe
    Hey man I know you been put a lot of time and effort in it. It hasn't quite come to how I was hoping. I was kinda excited about the silver bullet paint with the bloomquist number scheme. You been good to painting cars and I don't want to keep pester about the same scheme. You 've put in a lot of time and effort and I appreciate that buddy
    1. Highbank
      maybe move this into a PM, it doesn't need to be a public discussion, he's done a ton to fulfill your request...maybe?
      Mar 28, 2017 at 2:22 PM
  4. RacerWM86
    I'm considering painting university cars for the Gen6BR15 mod. I did this for Cup90 last year, too.
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  5. Nascar2003racer
    I actually don't know what to post, maybe some cool screenshots
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  6. stratonascar
    Can Someone attempt to Create a Number of Late 70's NASCAR Stars into Gen6 Format?, Please PM Me and #DropMeaLine
  7. ShawnVallance
    Just an ordinary person who also happens to be.. an alien (Yes, I know, it's weird, but I'm a part of the furry community as well).
  8. 78Exo78
    "Hey! Let's watch the Xfinity race!" - Said no one ever/
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  9. Clive
    Clive Jebrown
    Good Morning Jebrown.

    psd files do work with photoshop 2. I could not see a attached file to open in your reply.
    Had a good time in Ireland, went to the Country 2 Counrty Music Festival in Dublin.
    Looking forward to painting on your templates.
  10. stratonascar
    Love You Down A-Town Race is now over, Next Up Ontario Motor Speedway
  11. stratonascar
    Love You Down finishes its First Race in Riverside, Alameda is Next.
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  12. Highbank
    HEAT Trans Am! Oh ya it's happening!
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  13. Clive
    Clive Jebrown
    Hi Jebrown.
    Just got back from my travels, tried to open your templates. But they are coming up as XCF files. Paint shop 2 and Paint are not opening them.
    What do i need to do.
    1. DaleTona
      To open them you need a program called GIMP. GIMP is like Photoshop but free, and gives a lot more options than MS Paint. It is also the only program that opens .XCF files.
      Mar 21, 2017
  14. Jonathan Leger
  15. LieutenantHardhat
    The bad news: Kyle Larson continues to place second
  16. LieutenantHardhat
    The good news: Kyle Larson memes live on for another week.
  17. stratonascar
    And So Love You Down is Going to Start at Riverside #PleaseStandBy
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  18. Hamlinfan101
    Denny Hamlin Fan
  19. RaptorRacer93
    I'm sponsoring Jesse Iwuji at Tucson!!!
    1. HMS88
      That's awesome man
      Mar 20, 2017
  20. MoNO
    Who Did it Logano or Busch